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Certified Life Coach , Parent Coach, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming master practitioner

DSC_2562Hi I’m Helen,

I’m a Parent Coach , Mum of 3 and the founder of In Tune Parenting. – I hold diplomas in  Life Coaching , NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming , Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness ,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Childcare , Child development , and Child Psychology.

I am dedicated to gentle , conscious , purposeful parenting. Through my own parenting and helping others by parent coaching I hope to do my part in working towards a gentle non violent future.

As a Parent Coach , I guide , support and empower you , through NLP , mindfulness and personal development practices , so you may become the Calm , Confident , In Tune Parent you intend to be.

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“I am a mother to a 14, 12 and 9 year old brood. It’s a trying age (the teens) and tricky to get the chance to try tell them anything helpful (they already know it all!). The 5-day course has been great! It’s fast, to the point and immediately useful in everyday life. Helen is brilliant and always quick to come back with a reply to little queries which insures we keep moving forward and in the right direction. I’m delighted I discovered In Tune Parenting

Lorraine Grace , Mum of 3

“I have been following Helen on In Tune Parenting over the last few months, all of her ideas and concepts are down to earth, relaxed and accepting, which in turn makes me feel like an okay parent who’s still learning on the job. Helen from In Tune Parenting, has a gentle air of confidence surrounding her, yet she admits to having to work at parenting just like the rest of us, from some of her posts i felt HEARD , even though i haven’t spoken . Overall i have found that being part of the In Tune Parenting community to be rewarding and helpful in my understanding of the huge emotions small children are learning to handle, and to be given the skills to gently guide them has been life changing for me . I look forward to a future where our children as adults guide each other through difficulties and traumas in an accepting and affirming way. Many thanks Helen and In Tune Parenting.”

Bronagh Moore , Mum to 4 and grandmother of 8

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