1 to 1 parent coaching


Is there something you’re struggling with?

1 on 1 parent coaching helps you to achieve your parenting goals .

I believe we all, already have ,the necessary resources to achieve excellence in parenting.

In today’s society with so much conflicting advice out there it’s easy to loose sight of your parental instincts and give in to the pressures to parent to somebody else’s standards.

I can help you to :

  • Identify your parenting goals , and achieve them
  • Set strong family values
  • Connect with your children on a deeper level
  • Hone your communication skills to speak with real influence in your home
  • Troubleshoot discipline issues

Via skype I can also give one on one instruction on the In Tune Parenting sleep induction method (as outlined in my e-book ) .

I offer a FREE 30 minute discovery call .

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A discovery call is the first step in our journey together.

Here, we explore your family goals and philosophies. You lead the conversation and we’ll discover how In Tune Parenting can best support you.

**Where possible I encourage you to invite your partner, co-parent, or support person also on the call (we can conference call if needed!). It’s helpful to establish clear communication between you and those who will accompany you on your In Tune Parenting journey. **

Here’s that link again ->  Click here to book a date and time