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Helen is Ireland’s only fully qualified Paediatric Hypnotherapist.

Helen Moore is a Therapist and Parenting consultant and the founder of  In Tune Parenting, a revolutionary approach to parenting for peace. She helps and supports busy parents to manage their triggers, their child’s explosive behaviour and emotions, through CBT, hypnotherapy and parent education.

Helen is dedicated to gentle, conscious and purposeful parenting. She believes that by modeling for our children, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, we set them up for a free and empowered adult life, and give them the key to success

Helen is based in Donegal, Ireland. She has been working with children and their parents for over 15 years. Helen is Ireland’s only fully qualified Paediatric Hypnotherapist.

In her work as a therapist, Helen enables children and their parents to overcome any psychodynamic, behavioural or psychosomatic issues they may encounter.

As a Parent Consultant Helen teaches skills, guides, supports and empowers parents to become the calm, confident, In Tune Parent, they intend to be.

Helen is also a Parenting consultant, Cognitive behavioural therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Facilitator, and a child and adolescent Counsellor with a background in Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

During all these years Helen has worked one on one with many parents who are tuning into their innate parenting style , parenting without the baggage or pressure from society. She has helped to troubleshoot undesirable behaviour which often was the result of subconscious programming that was no longer serving as the coping method it had once been. She really enjoys watching the spark of a carefree childhood return to the eyes of her precious young clients who were suffering from anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Last year Helen has been supporting parents through an intimate and private In Tune Parenting Reset Group where she shares personalised support , hypnosis tracks and guided meditations tailored especially for the needs of the group members. 

Helen also is a keynote speaker for small groups and schools. In October 2021 Helen delivered a three day workshop for parents and teachers for the Bunscoil Cholmcille and Naiscoil Dhoire in Derry where she guide the attendees to explore the parenting behaviours that they each carried forward from their own childhoods , how to speak to children to strengthen the parent child relationship , how to speak to build confidence , security and trust , and in the last workshop we dove deep into In Tune Discipline.

Helen is passionate about supporting parents and helping them to become their best.  She is committed to spreading the In Tune Parenting Method because it builds a healthy parent child connection. This strong emotional bond is the foundation of happy, well-adjusted and resilient families. Her mission is to help you to discover your gentle parenting style to become the parent that you wish to be as you raise children that feel secure and loved.

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