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Hidden between the virtual pages of this cunning little e-book is the In Tune Parenting , sleep induction method.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing is working , this e-book is for you!

If you choose to parent gently to foster secure attachment , this e-book is for you.

If you’re at your wits end , but , like me ,absolutely hate the idea of ‘cry-it-out’ sleep training methods , this book is for you!

The In Tune Parent’s Sleep Guide is a comprehensive gentle method for settling your child into good sleep habits. It is a no – cry method which focus’s on connection and attachment at it’s heart.

Learn how to guide your baby , toddler or child into sleep using the calming influence of your voice .

Learn how to prevent your child from fighting sleep using age old practices to balance the central nervous system.

Learn how you can guide your child through meditation into a peaceful , restorative sleep.

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