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Download Effortlessly Mindful hypnotic meditationmindful image

Download Effortlessly Mindful

Do you aspire to be a mindful parent – yet struggle to fit mindful practice into your day?

As you already know , practicing mindfulness reduces stress , develops your ability to focus and experience clarity and presence in your every day.

So , it’s no wonder , many parents are turning to this practice to help themselves . parent from a calmer , focused , place , with more compassion and presence.

And while many of us know we want to be more mindful – some people still feel the days slip away from them , others find themselves missing hours and days with their children because they are so distracted , while others still , are fighting distractions , becoming overwhelmed and ending up arguing with and snapping at those they love most.

But now , with this hypnotic meditation , you can effortlessly train your brain in mindfulness practices , by bringing the desire to practice mindfulness to the forefront of your mind.

Mindfulness is best learnt by experience.So carve out just 20 minutes of me-time a day , for this mindfulness training hypnosis.

In Tune Parenting’s effortlessly mindful hypnotic meditation makes learning mindfulness simple, easy and enjoyable.

As you listen and relax repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that

  • you find yourself relaxing more profoundly each time
  • you become aware of the, deep, calm ,space within you underlying the ups and downs of everyday life
  • you gradually become more able to ‘stay present’ with your children without getting distracted by mundane tasks.
  • you less easily loose your temper or explode in anger
  • your mind becomes clearer and you can more easily see the bigger picture.

Download your copy of ‘Effortlessly Mindful’ today and tune in to that mindfully present parent you always meant to be.

Download Effortlessly Mindful



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Download the power to lead your family hypnotic meditation

There is some confusion in the gentle parenting world and beyond. We see many gentle parents avoiding setting firm boundaries for fear of being punitive and many avoiding gentle parenting practices entirely , believing the term to mean a lack of boundaries and a laid back ‘everything goes’ attitude when of course it does not!

Time and time again we see experts agree , neither Authoritarian nor permissive parenting styles are effective in turning out the fulfilled happy and successful adults we all hope our children will grow into. Authoritative parenting – with the parent in the role of caring leader and teacher , has been shown to achieve this goal with the most ease.

Listening to ‘The Power to Lead your Family’ regularly will instill a deep unshakable belief in your ability to lead your family . You will set wise boundaries.You will bring to the surface your innate wisdom. You will achieve a sense of clarity around your expectations , values and mores and a deep understanding of which of these you wish to pass on to your children. You will be firm when necessary , and flexible when necessary. You will gain an awareness of the long term impact of your words and actions. All these powers and abilities already lie within you , and this unique hypnosis track will draw them to the forefront of your mind , you will find yourself in a place of ease , of steady flow , where leadership comes naturally to you.

Download ‘The Power to Lead your Family’ now , and reclaim parenthood.

Download the power to lead your family hypnotic meditation



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Download Self love for parents hypnotic meditation

Give your exhausted mind a break with regular relaxation and recharge with this relaxing hypnosis track.

Being a parent can be tough sometimes.It’s important to receive regular support. Even still if we are not feeling strong and capable , if we are not affirming ourselves ,or worse still are doubting our parenting choices ,how can we fill our cup to the point of overflow?

Maybe sometimes you look at other parents and wonder how do they do it? They love parenthood so much and are joyfully embracing their role. Or at least appear to be…

Young children haven’t yet developed the capacity to reason and sometimes you just need some head space , 10 minutes to reprogram your mind for peace and calm – so you can respond to your child from a gentle , peaceful , heartful place , with loving kindness.

Exhaustion means you are less able to give or receive affection.

The more tired you are, the more emotional your brain becomes and the less able you are to feel affection. When you relax as you listen to this In Tune Parenting hypnotic meditation track you’ll automatically enter into deeper levels of meditation from which your mind and body can receive enough rest and recuperation and start to feel satisfied and relaxed in your day with your children.

If you sometimes feel guilty , overwhelmed , agitated or frustrated this mp4 track will help you gain perspective on your situation and make you feel better right away.

Download this In Tune Parenting track now and reclaim your love of parenting.



Download Self love for parents hypnotic meditation


Download In Tune Kids anxiety and worry release hypnotic meditation

Is your child suffering from anxiety or excessively worrying?

None of us want to see a child unhappy. The best way to help your child to overcome anxiety, isn’t to try to remove what triggers it necessarily. It is to help your child learn to tolerate their anxiety and function as well as they can, even when they are anxious. Then, as a result, the anxiety will decrease or subside over time.

This hypnosis track is a great tool for teaching these skills to our children. Deeply embedding coping behaviors so they become your child’s automatic response to stress , nervousness and worry.

Allow your child to listen to this track daily for best results , it can be listened to at any quiet time of day or before bed to aid a deep, restful ,restorative sleep

Download ‘In Tune Kids Anxiety and Worry Release’ for your child today and help restore that carefree childhood they deserve.

– and remember , this track contains powerful hypnotic suggestion and so should never be played while you are driving or operating machinery .

Download In Tune Kids anxiety and worry release hypnotic meditation


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Download In Tune Kids Sleep Induction hypnotic meditation


Young kids often struggle to drift off to sleep . They maybe fighting sleep – having difficulty processing their day (I detail how to help with this in The In Tune Parent’s Sleep Guide). Or , it can simply be, that they have never been taught how to quieten their mind and consciously relax their body.
This track will gently guide your child as they learn how to wind down and relax deeply in preparation for sleep.
Gentle hypnotic suggestions , encourage a desire to relax , and instill a deeply rooted belief in their ability to independently ready themselves for sleep – feeling safe , comfortable and secure.
This recording is best suited to children between the age of 3 and 7 years old.
Download the ‘In Tune Kids Sleep Induction’ track for your child today , and start enjoying easy , peaceful bedtimes.

Download In Tune Kids Sleep Induction hypnotic meditation