Parental Development Workshops

Do you read every parenting book you can get your hands on?
Do you strive to be the best parent you can be?
Are you in every parenting related facebook group going?

While we can learn so much about parenting practices, methods, tools, and techniques, let’s not overlook the real key to successful parenting. 
It rests deep inside of you and I can help you to delve deep, draw it out, focus and consciously direct yourself on the correct path to your dream family life. 

I call this process Parental Development. 
Through Parental Development, we can nurture ourselves, our partners and our children to the point of overflowing and the result is amplified ease and flow within the home. 

The Parental Development workshops are currently running on Monday evenings from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at  Wholegreen Wellness Centre Letterkenny , Co.Donegal

Course Materials include:

*56-page handbook

*4 meditation mp3 files to download for use between workshops

**(please bring a notebook and pen)

Fill out the form below and let me know if you will attend as a couple or single (prices are fixed regardless of whether you come on your own or with your partner) 

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You will learn:

Workshop1 – classes 1-3
*How our past impacts our present. 
*You will look deeply at your beliefs, the messages you have received from culture and society and how these have impacted your parenting, 
*How your experience of being parented affects your parenting choices today. 
*How to recognize your triggers, decode them and reprogram a positive response, 
*How to calm an explosive response to triggers, how to heal hurts which surface in reaction to your child’s behaviors 
*And how to fully align with your child to experience a deeper connection.

Workshop 2- classes 3-6

*How to effectively communicate with your child, which will enable you to even further tune in and connect on an even deeper level, 
*How to speak so they really hear and understand your guidance and want to comply, 
*How to show authority and leadership with the utmost respect for your child. 
*How to read behavior as a form of communication and What your child’s actions are really telling you.

Workshop 3 – classes 6 -9 

*How to raise motivated, resilient and aware children. 
*How to cultivate a growth mindset and a positive attitude toward life, development and personal growth. 
*How to discipline gently, consciously and effectively without rewards, punishments, shame or guilt. 

We will cover the basics of In Tune Parenting right alongside the deeper aspects of this approach to parenting, so whether you are completely new to this method or already a keen follower of In Tune Parenting, there is always the possibility to go deeper, to grow and develop. 

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